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 Due to city construction, the Provo Farmers Market has changed locations this season. Thank you for your desire to join us! It's going to be another great year for the Provo Farmers Market! 


VENDOR parking

 Vendors, please check-in with market staff first thing each morning, before unloading your belongings, to receive your assigned space. After unloading your belongings, vendors will quickly move their vehicle to the courtesy parking lot, BEFORE setting up. Vendors can mark in areas C & D on the map. 


Because parking is so limited, this method is the best way to insure the continuous flow of available parking spaces, so every vendor has a turn at unloading and loading curbside.

patron parking

Free parking is available to all market visitors! 

 If you are worried you may accidently park illegally, don't be! There are plenty of clearly marked signs to help you. If you are worried it may be too difficult to find a parking space, or that it will be too far away, don't be! The courtesy lots have ample parking and is located directly across the street from the Market. Not far at all! 

getting there