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We're Hiring! Market Assistants

You're here already every week? Come get paid to be here while you're at it. We need Market Assistants in a variety of roles: Operations and Marketing/Outreach. This seasonal position duties is flexible and could be between 8 and up to 28 hours per week depending on your interests, skills, education, and the job duties that are assigned. Saturdays from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm is required, but we will guarantee at least one Saturday off a month so you can have a summer, too!

Provo Farmers Market

Market Assistant (MA) Position

There are three major categories of job duties for Provo Farmers Market Seasonal Support Staff. Duties will be assigned to Market Assistant personnel per experience, education, and capabilities. Not all duties will be assigned, therefore applicants need to demonstrate qualifications to the work ultimately assigned to them.


All Market Assistants work Saturdays during Market season (June - August) as support staff. Duties include set-up, tear-down, vendor relations, cash-handling and reporting, customer service and general event operations. The PM will support the management team of the Provo Farmers Market as needed.

· Customer Service: Understand the operations of the Market and be able to answer patron questions. Sell Market merchandise and take vendor fees when appropriate.

· Vendor Relations: Be able to address vendor concerns regarding other vendors or participants at the Market. Be able to issue orders to vendors and customers that are not in compliance with Market rules and regulations. Understand the process for communicating complaints to Management.

· Assist with various Market programs and operations as needed.


Market Assistants will be responsible for running the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at the market. The Market Assistant will also be in charge of making sure that all customer and vendor tracking is done correctly, and will be responsible for weekly and monthly reporting required for the program.


The Market Assistant will be responsible for managing UFCU’s marketing, social media channels, creating content, posting regularly, responding in a timely manner to questions/requests, writing the weekly newsletter, community outreach, community calendar posting, and website content management.


• Strong written and interpersonal communication skills with ability to work under pressure on multiple projects

• Detail-oriented mind for understanding grant writing and grant administration

• Ability to act as a spokesperson for Urban Food Connections with vendors and sponsors

• Ability to manage volunteers and interns for various programs as needed

• Passion for local food, community, eating locally, sustainable food systems, and farmers markets

• Ability to lift 40 lbs, and to complete physical tasks in an outdoor environment, regardless of inclement weather or extreme temperatures

• Market Support Staff should be dependable and flexible in case there are changes in staff or operations.

• Market Support Staff will be able to provide friendly and competent customer service.

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office software, Square, social media, and other programs as needed.


All Market Assistants are required to be scheduled from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm each Saturday from June 4 to October 29. One Saturday a month will be guaranteed off if requested. Additional Saturdays may be scheduled off depending on other staffing availability.

Total hours available for work will range between eight and 28 hours per week depending on duties assigned. Duties related to SNAP/DUFB, Marketing/Outreach, and other duties to assist in market operations outside of Saturday Market hours will be assigned as needed and as negotiated with the employee.


Temporary – May through October, 2022. The position may be extended upon Provo Farmer Market need and employee interest.


Market Assistants receive an hourly wage of $15 to $20 per hour depending on experience, education, and ultimate assigned duties. Generally, starting pay will begin at $15 an hour but may be increased depending on the assigned duties in addition to the employee’s qualifications.


Please send a resume via email to

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