Preauthorization Required

Only those with a preauthorization notification from the Provo Farmers Market (PFM) may purchase a booth space at the Provo Runner's Market. Booths paid for without preauthorization are non-refundable. 


The Provo Half-Marathon has collaborated with the Provo Farmers Market to create the 2021 Provo Runners Market. We aim to begin the 2021 spring/summer season with a festive and hopeful celebration for what the future has to hold.  We aim to help YOU be successful in achieving the goals of your business by providing a venue for you to sell your products directly to the community. 

2021 Runners Market Schedule
April 30: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
May 1: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

All vendors are required to participate in both market days for the entire operating hours of the market. Setup and takedown is one hour before/after the event. Please contact us to discuss any exceptions. 


University Avenue and Center Street, Provo. Vendors will primarily be located on Center Street (west of University Avenue) and on the west side of University Avenue (north of Center Street).

What Will The Provo Runner's Market Be Like?

The market is operating a special event permit organized and obtained by the Provo Half-Marathon. The race organizers are planning for music, activities, and other festivities in conjunction with the runner's market. Friday evening will be a pre-race celebration. The half-marathon begins early on Saturday morning (5:00 am) and the first runners are expected to cross the finish line around 8:00 am. Many family members are expected to be present to great their racers over the finish line. 

Application Fee

$0 - although an application is required. Applicants that have an approved Provo Farmers Market application need not reapply. This application is not valid for any other Provo Farmers Market event. 

Booth Fee
- Non-food booth: $50
- Food booth: $70

Setup and Take Down 

Purchase of a booth requires you to begin setup at 5:00 pm on April 30. Take down will not occur until 1:00 pm on May 1. Any exceptions must be expressly granted by the PFM Executivie Director. Failure to be set up and remain present for the entirety of the event may forfeit the business's  approval to participate in future events. 


Overnight security will be provided by the Provo Half-Marathon. Booths will be required to be left in place. Valuable goods may be removed for the night but vehicular access will not be granted after the event begins on Friday evening, so any merchandise will need to be removed by a wagon/cart or carrying out. 

Canopy Weights

Vendors will agree to weight tents/canopies on each pole with 20lb sandbags or equivalent in case of wind gusts. Stakes will not be practical nor permitted. 


Additional details will be sent, but after vendors have set up, they will be required to move their vehicles to the top floor of the Provo Town Square Parking Garage located at 60 North 100 West. 

Market Rules and Procedures

Please read all market rules and procedures prior to filling out this application the rules of the Provo Farmers Market shall apply to the Provo Runners Market where applicable.   


If you have questions, please visit our our About page for contact information. 




Food Booth - Provo Runners Market