about the market

about the market

Locally produced fresh produce, delicious food, and unique arts and crafts can be found locally at the Provo Farmers Market! ​Not only is it the perfect place to pick up your produce for the week (plus a few extras!), it's also a great Saturday activity for families, kids and friends. By providing a venue for local arts, crafts, agriculture and food, the Provo Farmers Market brings energy and excitement to downtown Provo.

With returning and new vendors weekly, fresh food made onsite, and local entertainment, you don't need to ask yourself what to do this weekend in Provo. We're very proud to support our local farmers, entrepreneurs and artists and want you to get to know them as well! 

Join us every Saturday, June through October at Historic Pioneer Park in Provo! 


Is the Provo Farmers Market part of Provo City government? 

No. The Farmers Market is an independent, Non-Profit Organization, established for the purpose of providing residents, local business', artists, musicians, and farmers a place to buy, sell, and show their products.


While the Provo Farmers Market is an independent organization, the City of Provo approves of and supports the Market's purpose and mission. The Provo Farmers Market appreciates the support and good relationship it has with Provo City. It would be impossible for the Farmers Market to be successful without it.

Why is it called a "Farmers Market" when there are so many other kinds of vendors?

It is true that there is a wide variety of vendors and products available at the market. Typically, it is the same for farmers markets all over the state and U.S. While the driving force of Farmers Markets is to provide local farmers and residents a place to buy and sell produce, other vendors are allowed to participate along side them.


In our area, it typically takes a month or so after we open before local farmers have a mature harvest to start bringing to the market. We operate in anticipation of their arrival! Once the farmers arrive at the market, they maintain a consistent presence the remainder of the season, with produce available right up to the last day!


We love all our vendors, but our local farmers will always be our top priority and our strongest motivation for what we do. 

What licenses do I need as a vendor?

We don't require our vendors to have a business license to participate at the market. Whether or not you need a business license is a personal evaluation to be determined by each vendor. 

Food Vendors, whether “Artisan” or “Onsite”, are required to have the proper permits and licenses to participate at the Provo Farmers Market.


It is each vendor's personal responsibility to determine which licenses, inspections, and permits are necessary, depending on the type of food they sell and the manner of preparation.


For example, pre-made foods, such as homemade jams or breads, require different licenses and inspections than food that is prepared and made to order on-site. Therefore, different requirements must be met. At minimum, we recommend all food vendors start with their food handler’s permit and go from there.


Please Note: Vendors may not operate under the “COTTAGE KITCHEN” law, also known as “DIRECT TO SALE” law.

Vendors will NOT BE ACCEPTED to participate as a vendor with the Provo Farmers Market unless the additional permit and license requirements are met and maintained throughout the season. While these laws make direct to sale products & foods legal to sell in Utah, we cannot and will not accept vendors who rely on this alone. 

Some helpful resources include: 

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Home Food Production Checklist

Utah Department of Health

Because market staff do not personally regulate vendor licenses, we invite you to reach out to the contacts above to determine specifically what you would need for your products and services.


Can I bring my dog with me to the Market? 

Dogs are welcome at the market but please keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable around animals. If you choose to bring your dog to the market, we ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure everyone's comfort and safety. ​

  • Dogs must be kept on a short, non-expandable leash.

  • Keep your dog under control and by your side at all times.

  • Keep dogs away from produce, plants and other food products.

  • Come prepared to clean up after your dog, and please do so as needed. 

As a vendor, do I have to participate every week? 

All of our approved vendors are able to choose the market days that they would like to participate. Though there is a discount available to those vendors who chose to, we do not require vendors to sell for the entire season. 

Does my product or service qualify me to be a vendor? 

Our vendors are personally involved in the creation and production of their products, whether they sell jewelry, clothing, watercolors, or lettuce! We feature local artists, crafters, cooks and farmers. If you live in the Utah County area, and your wares are uniquely yours, you're welcome to sell them at our market. If you have questions or aren't sure about applying to be a vendor, just ask us! 

Where should I park? 

See this map for available parking. Walk or ride a bike over if you can. 



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