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Frequently Asked Questions

An image of a women selling microgreens from her vendor booth.

How Do Vendors Reschedule or Cancel a Booth Reservation?

Easier than you think.

An image of a woman selling locally grown vegetables to another women on a bright sunny day under a canopy at Pioneer Park in Provo.

How Often Are Vendors Required to Participate?

The Provo Farmers Market is far more flexible than you may think.

I Can't Reserve a Booth or Log In is members only now.

An image of a man handing bread to a woman from his food truck after a sale.

What Permits Do I Need To Sell Prepared Food?

It all depends on where your food is made.

A map of Pioneer Park and the location of each vendor booth.

Where Do Vendors Park?

A great location for the Market doesn't equal convenient parking for vendors. But, the trade-off is worth the incredible sales you'll make.

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